Sunday, June 29, 2008

Clifty Falls

The "clifty" part should have warned us that the hiking was uphill - both ways. Or so it seemed that we were mostly always hiking up huge hills. Interesting, isn't it, that you don't much notice the change in elevation going down. Going back up is a different story. And, who would guess that flat Indiana has enormous drops and cliffs?

We consulted maps and looked for landmarks, and somehow, still ended up hiking a trail we had decided was too long and rugged - over 4.5 miles. William would be revitalized when we came to a creek or rocks to climb up. In between, he kept up the chant that his legs just wouldn't work much longer. At over fifty pounds, he had the choice of walking or remaining behind for bear food. He decided to keep going.

The day ended at a large creek where the kids all played in the water and threw rocks, and then climbed the observation tower to see the Ohio River.


Anna has an alternative suggestion to home-based learner: self-taught genius.


pita-woman said...

Breathtaking view!
The one and only time I've been up that way, we drove through the campgrounds and were so disappointed with what we saw (grass grown up high as my knees... and my knees are higher up than most peoples).

Arby said...

Looking for a blog written by a home school dad?


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