Friday, June 13, 2008


I placed my hand on the shoulder of HC's mom, and told her that she must be doing a wonderful job with her daughter, as I saw a tremendous improvement in her attention span and behavior from last year. After she picked her jaw back up off the ground, she said, "Really??" I assured her that though I know that she continued to have challenges with HC, that not having seen her in a year, I could see the difference. I told her to hang in there, that her hard work and love would continue to pay off. I could see that the woman had tears in her eyes.

I wonder how often this woman receives a bit of encouragment from other parents. It is more likely that other parents look at this beautiful, bi-racial child adopted by older parents with disapproval of her interactions with the class and other kids. Even without training in early childhood behavior, one can see that HC marches to her own drum. Yet, how often does our society judge rather than encourage and support? God has great plans for HC.
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pita-woman said...

Ahhh, she's a beautiful little girl, with a smile a mile wide. No doubt your kind words made that woman's day.
You are right though about society... once, umpteen years ago when we were looking into adoption, one of the agencies had contacted us (& 3 other couples I think) about coming & talking to them about a bi-racial baby boy that was up for adoption. I was ready to hop in the car & go talk to them, but my husband said "no". It's not that he's anti-black or anything like that, he just felt it would be too difficult for the child & us, because of society. I guess he didn't feel he could deal with the pressure society puts on an integrated family. I was crushed, & gave up the notion of adoption shortly after that.


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