Monday, June 09, 2008

Hottern' Blue Blazes

Whoo, is it hot! And I went out in it! Had to go to StuffMart to restock after a week of being on the go. Dh says he doesn't know why they even bother to print him a paycheck. We ought to just have it direct deposited to StuffMart and we can just go over there and have our purchases deducted from our account.

We are about out of hay, but luckily, the middle pasture has some grass. We are slowly letting the horses onto it and will let them eat that until next week when my hay guy promises that he'll have the first cutting. Likely, I'll have to take a number to get some.

My writing time is short today, for even though it is late, I promised William that he could run through the sprinkler before bedtime. Maybe more writing time later?

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pita-woman said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one that gives a large percentage of my paycheck to Stuffmart.
I've been learning a lot lately, 'though admittedly am still VERY confused, about the different grasses, hay, alfalfa, etc., what's good & not good for "delicate" horses vs. "hardy" horses vs. ponies.
I always thought grass was grass was grass, whether it was green & still growing, or cut and squished into a bale.
It's quite an education!


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