Saturday, June 07, 2008

I'm Back!

...and you didn't even know I was gone! The week went by in a blur as we attended the Suzuki Piano Institute in Louisville. In addition, I happily hosted my sister and two nieces who attended with us. For homeschoolers, getting out the door at an early hour on a daily basis was a challenge. Planning wardrobes, packing lunches, getting animal chores done, and eating breakfast was challenging enough. Being on a full-day schedule, talking all day to people (!) and attending classes was both rewarding and exhausting. (We are so spoiled!) Both William and Lauren gained many wonderful learning experiences.

I have many little tidbits and thoughts to share from the week, but it is late, and I just wanted to check in.

Quick Farm Notes:
I imagine that the audience who congratulated Lauren on her recital performance didn't realize that to attend the institute, the girl had to get up very early to care for dogs, horses, chickens and cats. Anna was kind enough to help and to attend a few days to share it with Lauren and William.

Maggie, the miniature horse that foaled Roxie a year ago, has been sold along with her "husband" to a family in Indiana. You might remember that although Roxie was given to us, Maggie remained the property of our neighbor. She wanted Maggie to stay with her husband, Easy, as they'd been together since they were very young.

It will be very sad to see her go, but Mags is a broodmare, and will be happiest being with Easy and raising babies. However, this week, of all weeks, we had to wean Roxie so that Mags could leave tomorrow for her new home. We've let them be together at night, and Roxie, at nearly a year old will be fine. Chiron and Roxie could keep each other much wanted company, but Chi tries a little too hard and hasn't learned yet that chasing a girl without stopping around the paddock does not endear her to you.

We are about out of last year's hay. I hope our hay guy has some more.

The humidity has arrived along with the cicadas. Speaking of which, I hear Jorgen (Gotland pony) ate one today. Yuck!

More tomorrow.

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Kristina said...

And the noise! Wow, they're amazingly loud.


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