Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lost in Translation

"Boys have a way of humiliating a parent," said my friend. To illustrate, she wrote the following guest blog. She felt she could not post it on her own blog, wanting to protect her son (and possibly herself?) from further embarrassment. I consented to share her story anonymously. Luckily, she and the characters in the story have a great sense of humor.

This past weekend, my parents offered to watch my son,"Joe." Since my parents were working at the local church yard sale, Joe joined them. Making himself very useful during the unseasonably HOT day, Joe went from around the yard sale pouring cold water for the various workers.

After pouring numerous cold cups of water for one group of older ladies, my son politely inquired, "Is there anything else I can do for you all?" One of the ladies answered, "Yes, it is so hot! Please, pour that cold water on my head."

Well, my 10 year old son is VERY literal. He is also a pleaser. Have I told you that my innocent out-of-the-box son is VERY, VERY literal? Combining these traits, when he was asked to "pour the water on the woman's head" -- he complied -- by "POURING THE WATER ON THE WOMAN'S HEAD!"

As the water dripped down the front of her head onto her pants, and she squealed in surprise, I can only imagine Joe's response. As surprised as the nice little old lady was -- Joe was just as confused. She DID ask for him to "pour the water" on her head after all. Thankfully, she had a great attitude about it. It makes me wonder if she too raised a very literal son.

The moral of the story is BEWARE of what you say around 10 year old boys!

To protect the innocent from embarrassment, the name in this blog has been changed.

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pita-woman said...

Okay, I am seriously laughing out loud at this one. Too funny!!!!


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