Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Renaissance Man

William continues to refine his list of future occupations: 'struction worker, fencer (meaning professional sword-fighting fencer, not fence builder) and piano teacher. He sees no reason why he cannot be all three, and perhaps he can. He also would like me to arrange lessons in swimming and diving because he's going to dive on the Olympic team (he saw the US tryouts on TV), gymnastics (ditto), tae kwon do with use of the bo, and fencing. For him, the sky is the limit.

I find it ironic that he is trying to see how many things he can get in to while I am trying to see how many things I can get out of.

Farm Notes

Two black roosters were given away this past weekend to a family in the country that had 18 new hens that needed a little male companionship. They also took one of the comet mixes that seemed roosterish. This left four that may or may not be hens. I moved them outside with the remaining black hens and they all seem to get along okay.

William, of course, told me that the comet mix that I gave away was his favorite and why did I give him away? At least I'm not a true farmer: A rooster? Off with his head!

1 comment:

pita-woman said...

Wow, that's the 2nd blog I've read this morning that mentioned fencing. Never knew it was such a popular sport.


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