Friday, February 06, 2009

Aloha from Kentucky

Locked in a frozen world here, I escaped to Hawaii, Waikiki to be exact. I listened to the unfamiliar sounds of a language I don't believe I've heard spoken. I followed a woman, June, on her spiritual growth and journey. I met her dog, Kimo, and wondered aloud if June was related to Cloudia. I met an "auntie" that I hope was real.

Cloudia writes that the book is largely autobiographical, and that Kimo is real (you'll have to read the book to find out why she points this out). So, if you are one of the many people that virtually travel to Hawaii via Cloudia's words and beautiful photos on her blog, you can read more about her through her book, ALOHA Where You Like Go?

I have decided to share Cloudia's book with one lucky reader. You can be the next to receive this copy of Cloudia's book. These are the conditions:

1. I will chose the recipient from those that post a comment on my blog stating they'd like to be in the drawing next Tuesday.
2. You must agree to read the book within one month and review it on your blog.
3. You then will send the book (at your cost) to another reader of your blog that is willing to do the same.
4. Although the book is registered on (which might be the best way to track it's location), you will include the link to the blog that sent the book to you and a link to the blog that you sent it to so that readers can follow where the book has been and is going.

If it works well, I will do this with the books of other bloggers and have a place on my sidebar to track books I've "released". I wanted to start with Cloudia for her words often touch my heart with her kindness and I am intrigued that she lives in Hawaii on a boat. (I try not to hold that against her.)


Cloudia said...

Wow, Junosmom, Big Mahalos to you.
I'm so glad you enjoyed the book and "got something" from it.

And now I'm the first comment too! (Probably a function of the time difference. It's Friday 5:45pm here.)

Aloha, Dear!!

Kristina said...

Oh, yes, I would like to read this.

Travis Erwin said...

Of course I want to be in that drawing. I've been meaning to order a copy for some time but needles to say I've had other things going.

Robin said...

What an amazing idea (I love Cloudia, aside from the boat thing...) I want it, badly, truly want it.

Pick me...We will launch this precious person into bestsellerdom!

(and I'm next!0

Junosmom said...

Oh, this is going to be difficult to pick!

Cloudia, you are disqualified of course. :-)

Kristina - I wouldn't have to mail it - she lives a mile away. It would be silly to send it away when another reader is next store.

Travis - whose house burned down and all his books with it. Truly, he needs reading material.

Robin - who I am sure would write a fantastic and funny review, and somehow tie it into her wonderfully whacky life. And promises of another book to read! Hers! Where is it? What is it?

I do intend to do a "drawing" but if I were to pick, you'd all get a copy, if I could afford to buy y'all one. Maybe you'll have to follow from blog to blog, finding it and commenting there, hoping to get it next!

Junosmom said...

Uh, next door. I've been living with a six year old.

Cloudia said...

A big Aloha & thank you to Travis, Kristina, and dear Robin! (and of course dear "JunosMom")
Your interest in my little story means a lot to me. I've written how on my "death" bed (ok, very sick bed) I realized that finnishing it was my only un-realized life goal! So I did, and the feedback from folks I respect has been almost illegally delightful. Getting it into the Hawaii Stae Library system was like graduating from college!!
I wish I could afford to send you each a copy. I so value EACH reader who comes along in da taxi for a ride through the Honolulu that Barack grew up in; the town where I matured to became a human being. Soon I will write a post that approximates the talk I give when I do an infrequent book reading. Blessings friends!

Junosmom said...

Cloudia: I think it would be cool if you would have an online author tour to go with your traveling book. I wonder where your book will go?


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