Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Dear February,
I've had it and it is time for you to leave. We've had to put up with your fickle changes in temperature, from temperatures less than 20 degrees F to 60 degrees F in the same week. We've had ice, a foot of snow, more ice, rain, clouds, lost power three times, and a gloomy cloud cover that has everyone running to their Bibles to look again at the words that predict the end times.

Today, we are expecting high winds, hail and possible tornados. My lights are flickering and I've had to reset my digital clocks twice. I thought I should check in on my blog before you once again point out my inexcusable unpreparedness for natural disasters.

Fine, there went the power and I have not yet posted this blog. Just great. This post was written at 8:20 in the morning. We'll see if I get to post it. Luckily, this computer runs on battery, and I have not lost this post entirely. Neener-neener, February. Go blow your winds on that.


Postscript: The power has returned. 9:13 a.m. This is like living in a third world country.

Anna has begun watercolor classes, an interesting new venture. At class yesterday, an elderly student was telling everyone else that her "hip" has been recalled. She'd had hip replacement surgery on both hips, and the implant was recalled, though she doesn't yet know why. This could be fortuitous as one side never really was right (could it be that it is recalled for this reason) and one would expect that the company doing the recall would pay for the surgery to reclaim the bad hips. On the other hand, the poor woman has to go through the surgery again.

When you homeschool, and some of your classes are online, having the power out is a problem.

Phantom (my pony) seems to like being in with the miniatures, and has even show a little aggression. You may think this a negative, but it is not. You see, he's never fought back, stood up for himself. He needs to be able to see that if he tries, he can push other "people" around. When they are not fighting, he loves his little pet ponies, and they stand close to him under his tail or by his chest.


Kristina said...

The power woke me up during the night. Gabriel's phone kept beeping every time the power came on. Finally, I tracked it down and unplugged it. Of course, by that time, I was wide awake and trying to figure out what to do with all the food I have in the freezer, since I've actually gone grocery shopping the last two weeks.

As a result, I turned back over and went to sleep. Gabriel woke me up at 9 to tell me the power was back on. ;)

pita-woman said...

Yep, even though I'm a cold weather kind of person, I'm getting bored with the dreary colors (or lack there of) of the season and am sooo ready for some colorful spring blossoms, and to see life returning to the landscape.

Matthias said...

Some would argue that Kentucky IS a third world country you know, but maybe that’s why I like it there :D

Body parts being recalled, that just seems wrong somehow :D

Oh, and good for Phantom! :)


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