Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Have Worms

Lauren tells me that the term "brain worm" describes when you have a song stuck in your head. I have brain worms constantly. In fact, I have an entire colony of brain worms that retain the songs that Lauren is practicing on the piano. Should we lose electricity, no problem. I have music always in my head from her hours and hours of practice. The downside is that sometimes, I want the worms to be quiet. Like RIGHT NOW! The upside is that Lauren plays beautifully and the music is quality. Brahms' Rhapsody is playing right now.

Only one word needed to describe Kentucky right now: Mud.


Passage of a Woman said...

Well, at least you don't have worms (or snakes) coming out of your head, like Medusa. And it could be worse. Have you ever hear "100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" or what about "The Song that Has No End?" Some folks have things spinning around in their brains they can't get rid of that are driving them crazy, and some nothing at all.

Glad you to know you have a well-round and accomplished brain!

Let the music play. . .

Travis Erwin said...

Mud and worms go together nicely.

Cloudia said...

LOL! Aloha-


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