Saturday, February 28, 2009

Over the Hill?

I'm trying not to be insulted, since I know it was unintentional. The letter from my Church kindly solicited by ideas about a social gorup "for single and/or married people between the ages of 25 and 49. The survey goes on to list both adult and family activites and gauges my interests in them, given that they have somehow targeted me as being in the "raising a family" bracket. Probably because I have a seven year old son in CCD (Sunday school) classes.

Why would I be miffed? Well, in one year - I won't be able to participate in this group. I will effectively be too old and will have to consign myself to playing bingo with the "over-the-hill-gang". (Our Church calls it the Prime Time club, but we all really know it's the old people club.) I am not quite yet ready to hang out with the retirees. I have, in fact, only just again begun this vocation of raising a child and it will be some years before I am finished. Dh, three years young than I, laughed, saying they have me gumming my food already. He can laugh - at three years younger than me, he won't yet have his AARP card arriving.

With people working longer, living longer, and having their children later, will we have to break out of the school grouping mentality and not group people by age but rather by interests? I do hope so.

This topic reminds me of friends we recently caught up with over dinner. Both about sixty five or so, the husband will often ask for a senior discount. He is always careful to point out that he is not yet qualified, but his wife is. Fortunately, she has a sense of humor.

Of the two newest chickens, one is a rooster. I will name him Travis.


Kristen Painter said...

So you're 49? Wow, you look great!

debra said...

Decades are interesting things----they even sound intense.

Junosmom said...

Kristen: well, 48.5. That 1/2 year is important. But thank you, dear.

Debra: yes, and it is amazing how quickly they go by. Scary really.

Jenn Jilks said...

Ageism is a terrible thing. It governs the type of health care you might get.

On the other hand, as a 45 year old out dating I had a blast! People in the real world need to realize this. I called my daughter, who was in her early twenties, to rescue me from a date gone bad! (Long story!)

You go, girl! Love your thoughtful posts.
/52 years old and proud of it!

Passage of a Woman said...

I share your point of view. I was always outside the so-called normal range for moms of children in whatever age group they were in at the time. At 54 today (and dh is 52), I am hardly over-the-hill, though AARP has kicked in and many senior discounts as well, and life and health benefit brackets have been upped as well.

Not only are people living and working longer and having children later as you mentioned, but more and more grandparents and even great-grandparents are raising their grandchildren, 2nd and 3rd generations. If they are left out of "family-oriented" activities, they and the children will be deprived.

Let's hope not. My mother-in-law is nearly 90 and has more pep and interests than many 40 year-olds!

Cloudia said...

You're on to something here.
No, I'm not a callow youth -
but hang with the semiors?
Yikes! Not yet....Aloha


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