Sunday, February 08, 2009

I Almost Choked

Although his feast day was February 3rd, our Church gave the blessing of St. Blase today after Mass to anyone that cared to come forward. I pushed William forward, given all his allergies and adenoid problems. As we stood in line (the slow one of course), William asked what we were doing. So, I explained the deacon would say a prayer that William would be saved from throat diseases while holding a pair of crossed candles to his throat.

"Won't they burn me???" he asked.

The candles are unlit, of course, for safety reasons.


Phantom (pony) is continuing to be beat up by the other horses, resulting in injuries. We have put him in with the miniature horses, and it seems to be a good setup for him as they make good buddies, but the paddock is too small. I'm not sure what the long term plan is going to be. Perhaps I shouldn't keep him.

Buffy (chicken) is also getting beat up by Aloha Mo (rooster) to the point of a bleeding comb. She is old and doesn't deserve it, and I don't know what the long term is going to be for the chickens either, as I can't give Buffy away, but I only have two coops. And, one is falling apart.

Can you tell I'm not having a good day?

Update on my dad: I saw him yesterday and he continues to progress!


debra said...

So glad your Dad is improving. Don't know what to tell you about the bully chickens. I have one like that, too.
And the other morning, my husband let the chickens out. He swears he heard cockadoodle-doing...

Robin said...

Too cute! How's his throat? You should start on online Phantom adoption? I wish I could have another horse! I barely have time for my dog though!

It's so funny how you talk about your animals...I was talking to my BFF the other day and she said "Me and Pardner were watching a movie and I left but he wanted to watch the rest of it."

Pardner is her pit bull! He likes action/adventure but fell asleep during "You've Got Mail"!

I think all animals' should have the rights that we do! That's why I love your posts! I'm sorry you kinda growly, but I know you'll perk always do!

Travis Erwin said...

Our church did the same thing at this week's mass. Also my oldest son took his first communion.

Cloudia said...

Isn't St. Blaise the one who saved someone from choking on a fish bone? Good move! Blessings always help.
I'm glad that your animals are in such compassionate hands. Thank you for the care you give them!
My dad is not fighting cancer, but afraid to embrace transition, it seems. . . My mom is showing some spine and maturity for the first time in her life.
Today I learned this quote:
"When the heart weeps for what it has lost, the spirit laughs for what it has found." Annonymous

Junosmom said...

Debra: Well, either you have a rooster or a crowing hen (which has been reported as happening)

Robin: I'm trying to perk. I do worry about my animals.

Travis: congratulations to your son. I know it was a proud moment.

Cloudia: Yes, St. Blaise is known for saving a child from choking on a fish bone, thus his feast day is blessing of the throat. Am I reading it right that your dad has cancer but doesn't want to fight?

Sepiru Chris said...

Witty title! (I'm trying to learn to be terse...)

Passage of a Woman said...

My pastor tells the story of the little boy in the front pew who asked his mom, "Can we give him money now so he won't talk anymore?" one bright Sunday morning just as he was about to preach! Out of the mouths of babes . . .


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