Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby!

There are times when I feel too old to have such a young child, to be the mommy of a seven year old. Then you'll call me and show me the joy of discovering a particular bird or bug. You'll laugh and race me to the barn or wonder aloud at the formation of stars in the night sky. You challenge me to crawl up the hill from the creek after looking for fossils, and let me watch in amazement as you discover mathematical principles on your own. And you hug me, and make me feel like gold as you tell me I'm the best mommy you ever had, I tell you I'm the only mommy you ever had, and we laugh at our joke. You make me happy. I only wish this time would last forever. Happy Birthday, William.


Passage of a Woman said...

Happy Birthday, William! What a handsome 7 year old you are! And I can't believe you are 7 already.

I know you cherish these moments, Cathy. It's so good that you write so many of them down, as you'll find a grown man standing in William's place in what seems no time at all. What a treasure to have these wonderful memories preserved in pen and ink (so to speak).

PS: I know what it's like to feel too old to have such a young child. I was 30 when David was born, and 36 when Aaron was born; always the oldest mom picking up the youngest child from school, it seemed. I wondered why so many teeny boppers had children.....

Becky said...

I have been missing the days when Jordan was this young and robust! (now he's a young MAN, and still robust) William reminds me alot of him lately.

And just for the record, you KNOW I can't go back on that promise I made William (aka Spider Boy) after the concert know, about teaching him to whistle?

I'd hate to go back on that.....:)

Seldom_Scene said...

How adorable! I'm an only child and at 28, I'm still a Mama's Boy! I never wanted to break away from her to go to school. I later found out that she would have to leave the house some mornings when she was off and go have coffee just so I'd go to school without throwing a fit! I can't imagine what life would have been like if I were home schooled!


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