Friday, May 19, 2006

Blogging about housework instead of doing it

Well, I do have a good excuse. Anna is doing a test at the moment in the kitchen and surely I wouldn't want to disturb her with the rattling of dirty dishes. Yes, I do know there is a second floor to my house that could also use some cleaning, but instead, I wandered over to Ginabina's blog (who needs encouragement to keep blogging) From there, I followed a trail over to The Big Yellow House where Chris, who has plenty on her plate, has been requested by her dh to not serve from the stove (" the stove top is not a serving station ") and to use serving bowls.

In our house, we follow the Kentucky motto of housewives:

When you git home,
If the kids are fed,
And they ain't dead,
I've done my job.

Any thing beyond this is icing on the cake. Right now, I'm doing my best to get 4 yo William to come to the table with clothing on. He sees nothing wrong with sitting buck naked at the table after having checked out every orifice of his body. Buck naked is his favorite state of being.
See, after having Will present his royal naked self at the table, and God knows what the girls have touched, given that they have few reservations about touching much of anything (with the exception below), salad tongs are much more important than serving bowls.

Speaking of reservations about touching things, WHY IS IT that only moms are capable of cleaning out a toddler potty??? I mean, you would THINK that I'd asked them to handle nuclear waste. Even dh, but especially the girls, will let me know complete with rolling eyes that THEY had to handle William's business while I was gone. They look at me as if I am to congratulate them, give them a medal on a ribbon, and pledge my undying gratitude for this monumental and self-sacrificing task. You know what is the great thing about skin? God make it so that it's washable, and if you get something on you while helping your little brother, you don't have to scream at the top of your lungs. A little soap will take care of it.

Speaking of getting stuff on you, Wm is a minature George Kastanza. I know this isn't a rare thing, but it does seem to be a boy thing, for both my nephews did and my son must strip completely nude to do their business. I am hoping that unlike George in the Seinfeld show, Wm will outgrow this by the time he is older. His given explanation is that he doesn't want to get anything on his clothes. At home this is no problem, but when, at the orthodontist's office yesterday, he opened the door to reveal his full glory to the people working there....Well.

So, Chris, I'm in your corner. If we took a poll, I think we'd find we have a lot of company.

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Favorite Apron said...

I have a toddler potty in my bathroom right now and you're so right. Only Mom will empty it! It could sit there and fester for 3 days and no one else apparently notices.


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