Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Of all the disposable things in this world, why hasn't anyone invented disposable socks? I mean, what else, maybe with the exception of underwear, is more disgusting than dirty socks. I remember my mom once saying that you really had to love a man to turn his dirty socks right side out for washing.

I've always had optimism about socks. Keeping them for the day that the mate to them might show up, I now have a giant bag of socks, none of which match. The bag continues to fill. I just know that if I throw out a sock, the mate to it will show up under a chair that I hadn't moved in a year.

It's bad enough keeping your own family's socks in the hopes that they'll be reunited in happy sock-imony some day, but it seems that we have socks that fit no one. Some neighbor's or relative's kid ditched his or her socks at our house, and his mom is at home saving the mate, but it's over at my house, with me, trying to figure out who wears this size.

I had to laugh at this show on organization. I watch it not so much for ideas as for laughs. For example, this woman had designed a sock drawer for this kid. Each sock ball had a little cubby hole in the drawer. Like THAT is ever going to happen. She suggested to the kid that he safety pin his socks together before throwing them in the wash. Ha hardy ha ha. Where does she think the kid is going to get a safety pin when ditching his shoes and socks in the sand box. Plus, with them pinned together, filling them with sand would be totally impossible.

I find socks in the most unusal places. Truly, we ought to either move to wearing no socks, wear disposable socks, or have socks that are biodegradable when left to the elements.


pita-woman said...

You know, I actually sold a garbage bag full of my husbands stray socks at a yard sale once. I don't know if the woman that bought them was hoping they'd match some of her husbands strays, or if she perhaps enjoyed making sock-puppets.

FatcatPaulanne said...

LoL! I know exactly what you mean. I expect we'll see you on the American Inventor show next season with your newly invented disposable socks!


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