Thursday, May 11, 2006

Weather Terrorists

Our favorite show, of only two I watch, was interupted last night by weather terrorists. In graphics and computer animations of interest only to people that study weather, or perhaps to those in a direct path of the storm, the meteorologist go into over-drive trying to scare the living daylights out of people. We didn't even get a thunderstorm here. Why? Because the storms were in counties and cities hours from here. Some of the names I'd never heard before. And what? These people live where they don't get the weather channel?

I will grant you that there have been a number of disasterous tornados, deaths even, where a warning would have saved lives. This has given meteorologist license to take over the airways and see if they can out-do the other channels in pointing out the possible rotation of the possible tornado. Repeated warnings are shouted:

If you spot a tornado, move to your basement. Do not look out your windows. Do not go outside, use an umbrella and see if you can fly like Mary Poppins.

I know, I know, there are fools that are outside on the roof videotaping so that they can see their names mentioned on the evening news. If they blow away, well, it will improve the gene pool is all I can say. I miss the days when a watch or warning was announced with the graphic of a little tornado in the upper left hand corner of the show you were watching.

We continued to watch snippets of the show, trying to guess what happened while we watched the red colored rotation in 3D computer animation. While impending doom was announced, we tempted fate by fantasizing that maybe the tornado could take off our barn roof, leaving the barn and horses unscathed and justifying enough insurance money to re-roof it. No, we thought, better not wish for that as it might take the barn and horses with it. The top of the hour was nearing and my show came back on. I'd see the ending! But no - they cut back out at the last minute, with no answer as to who did it. If I were mean, I'd wish for that storm to head right for that news station.

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pita-woman said...

Well, I'm not sure what show you missed... but if it was Alias, I did hear on the news this morning that they would be re-broadcasting it saturday night I think it is.
If that's any consulation (sp?)


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