Saturday, May 27, 2006

Short on Judgement

They say crime doesn't pay, but perhaps I should rethink that. I'm only 5'1", maybe 5'2" on a good day, but it seems that short people don't have to go to prison. Didn't hear that yet? Yes, if you live in Nebraska, you can even molest a 12 year old girl, ruin her life, and not go to prison - if you are short. I wonder what else you can get away with?

Judge Kristine Cevaca gave Richard W. Thompson 10 years probation rather than a prison sentence because she felt that given his stature, he'd not survive in prison. Sorry, little fella, but I think you deserve to get a little of what you gave. Let's see how you like unwanted sexual advances. And if this isn't acceptable legally, perhaps there's a room in the solitary confinement ward.

In the Courier-Journal, an article said that he will be electronically monitored for four months. He's not supposed to be alone with minors, or date anyone with minor children. Excuse me? It seems that Mr. Thompson already doesn't follow rules, given that you'd have to be from Pluto to not know that it is against the law to consort with minors. If he ignored society's and the law's rules, why does this judge think he'll listen to her?

The thing that really gets me is that this judge is a mother. Of children, I mean. If a man was convicted and not punished for doing something to my child, I'd just have to make it my hobby to make his life a living hell. I picture protesting in front of his house, ads taken out in the paper, interview on the local radio. I'd plaster his photo on electric poles, toilet paper his house. How could a mother stand it?

No, I think the pervert ought to go to jail. Perhaps he can be some inmate's little sweetie and see how he likes it.


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Since when should the height of a person determine whether they spend time behind bars? According to the judge for this case, Kristine Cevaca, this sick man should not be put in prison because he could not adequately defend himself there. TOO BAD FOR HIM! I suppose that anyone under 5' 1" can now break whatever law they want. When did we start worrying about the "quality of life" of a sex offender in prison?


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