Friday, May 26, 2006

Chicken Little

Right after I announced that we'd have to get rid of the chickens since we need the stall they consider their "coop" for horses, William decided that we could not. He LUVVVVVS the chickens, particularly the one that is "just my size". He refers to a balding bantam that is the size of a Rock Cornish Game Hen. Often picked on by her fat roommates, she is a sad sight.

Even sadder, she isn't fast enough to escape the clutches of SUPER-boy, and he carries her around the yard whenever he can. Wednesday, I caught him giving the poor thing a ride on his mini John Deere tractor. Driving with one hand and the chicken, black feathers blowing back in the breeze under the other arm, Will was having the time of his life. All the while, he is gentle with her. She lays lots and lots of eggs for him, you know. (He hasn't yet figured out that the giant green eggs aren't coming from this 2 pound chicken.)

So, perhaps she will be spared from being banished from the farm, and maybe, with the bigger chickens gone, she'll grow some feathers on her bald head.


mommaof4 said...

How cute!! You have to keep that chicken for W.

pita-woman said...

That's too funny!
I agree, spare the chicken.


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