Saturday, October 11, 2008


I've read that it isn't too far into the future that we'll have the ability to have wireless communication implanted into our brains. Finally, my dh will be able to read my mind like he's supposed to. There was no timetable for release of this invention, and I can only think it is well into the future.

In the meantime, I was discussing with some friends that I'd like to invent a wireless device that cuts into headphones and earbuds like a PA system. "Attention all teenagers in this house. This is your mother speaking. She would like to converse with you. Please remove all listening devices and come out of your rooms."

Obviously, one of the friends has raised teens and has had experience. She suggested just getting dog shock collars and requiring my teens to wear them. If I want them to listen or emerge from their room, I need only hit the "shock" button and they would be sure to respond immediately. It's an idea, just an idea.

I would also an improvement to my cell phone. I would like it to ring if called from my home phone even if it is turned off or the battery is dead . You can guess why.


Robin said...

I think it's a great idea! I would talk to my stepson, just rattle on and on and then he'd look up and be startled I was there and say, "what?"

What bugs me is they are so loud! I could make out the words when he was in the car...and sing along...and the durn thing was in his ears! I'll never foreget when he called me because he discovered a "new' band called "AC/DC"!

Yes, their should be parental overide like a PA system. If not, shock collars should work!

How funny!

whitetr6 said...

A local radio guy suggested on the air the other day that a shock collar would add a whole new dimension to political debates. Off topic? ZAP! Skirting the issue? ZAP!!
He suspected that debates would soon become the most watched entertainment in America. Watch out NASCAR...

Packsaddle said...

Spouses shouldn't legally be allowed to read each others' minds.

Divorce rates are high enough already.

pita-woman said...

Really had to laugh at the shock-collar part... brought back a fond memory of the time my husband was holding the dog's shock collar in his hand, convinced it wasn't working. I pressed and held the button on the remote & he quickly discovered it DID work. His response was priceless!

Junosmom said...

Robin: Buy stock in the hearing aid industry.

Whitetr6: I like that idea. Do you remember some show where the studio audience voted? Maybe Funny Home Videos? I think the debates would be more entertaining with studio audience participating via shock collars.

Packsaddle: No, no, I don't need to read HIS mind, he just needs to read MY mind.

PITA: There's an idea - shock collars for husbands. Not listening? Shock!


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