Friday, October 10, 2008

Science Friday - Snakes

What boy doesn't like to climb on a rock formation? We were today at a state park, looking for a landscape for Anna to paint. William and I began climbing on the overlook, built after World War II. Anna took photos of the view. A possible painting?

My observant eldest, Lauren, found two surprises for us in crevices.

Here you see one. A juvenile rat snake warming himself in the sun.
It is not our first experience with rat snakes, but thankfully,
this one was not in our house.

Lauren bravely touched him, but you can see that William
preferred a hands off science lesson.
We decided not to rock climb after all.
We headed to the lake, which so far, is the leading
location for painting a landscape.


whitetr6 said...

Hiking not too far from where you live wasa the first (and only) time my wife and I came across a poisonous species on the trail. She was a couple of steps ahead of me when my eye caught the movement of what turned out to be a copperhead assuming a strike position just as her second foot was about to pass. Beautiful animal, and not terribly dangerous, but would have made for one very bad day had he gone through with his threat.

pita-woman said...

Either is a beatiful shot for painting.
Lauren's much braver than I... not only would I not have touched it, I'd have been completely absent from that picture. I've come across waaay too many snakes in my time while camping/hiking. Blech!!


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