Thursday, October 23, 2008

Turtle Man

My dh said, "Please tell me he's not from Kentucky." He is, and we're probably related.

Thanks to my friend, Becky (who won the county husband calling contest at the county fair) for the link.


Janie said...

That's hilarious! That little yell will be forever stuck in my head.

pita-woman said...

So many thoughts come to mind...
Right from the start I was impressed with his lack of a beer-belly... then when he said he didn't drink, smoke, do drugs or chew tobacco I was really impressed... my kind of man! But then, how could he chew tobacco with his lack of teeth. I'd like to hear more of how he got his teeth knocked out by a chainsaw.
And I was also very impressed with his knowledge of his ancestry.
Now on to the disgusting... diving into the green sludge in those ponds. Blech!! I'd be too afraid of water moccasains(sp?)!!

whitetr6 said...

(sigh) what I wouldn't give to see one of those things turn around and bite him square in the Ozarks

Camflock said...

He's right about seven types of meat--depending on what part you get, it has the taste/consistency of other types of meat we more commonly enjoy. I ate turtle soup quite a few times while growing up -- always at my grandma's house. She made it quite often, although I want to say that Grandpa tended to bring home soft-shelled turtles rather than snappers. I had it again just a couple years ago at a very posh restaurant in New Orleans (I'm pretty sure grandma never used red wine to make her soup stock). Good stuff -- ay-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi-yi! :)


P.S. -- When I relayed this information to my wife, she thought I was pulling her leg. It's nice to know that after 15 years, I can still surprise her with tidbits from my hillbilly upbringing!

Packsaddle said...

Let's see if he meets the customary requirements for being a Kentuckian:

Beat up truck - check
Missing teeth - check
No shirt - check
Unidentifiable tatoo - check
Victim of chainsaw accident - check
Hat on crooked - check
Hillbilly accent - check
Celebratory rebel mating call - check
Questionable culinary habits - check

It's official.

Arby said...

Australia gets Steve “the crocodile hunter” Irwin. America gets the master of the rebel yell, the Toothless Turtle Man.

In an odd sort of way, this is America!

And if a man needs to eat, he needs to eat.


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