Wednesday, October 22, 2008

When It Hits the Fan

I'm all for edgy art. I don't want to look at it, but I think it has it's place, just not anywhere that I can see it. I can't imagine how museum curators pitched paying for an "art" exhibit that was meant to represent "a giant pile of dog faeces". And since when are inflatables "art"?

I can just imagine it. "Come on kids, we're going to the art museum!"
"What's there, Mom?"
"A really neat inflatable of a giant pile of dog sh#t!"
"Oh, boy, can we jump on it?"

God chimed in with his opinion of this piece of crappy artwork when a sudden windstorm blew the sh#t away. It landed in the yard of a children's home. They'll be in therapy now for years.

Click here (at your own risk) for photos.


Janie said...

It's amazing what passes for art these days.

I'm a dog lover, but I promise you, the stuff they produce is the worst part of it.

Robin said...

That's crazy! But I am inclined to think that Bella is an artists! And she told me she wanted to be a police dog!

Art is capricious, beautiful, timely, self relevant...and mostly dog sh@t!

jacobithegreat said...

I looked at the pictures. That is really ridiculous.

Arby said...

Yeah, but can you imagine how large the inflatable dog was?


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