Sunday, October 05, 2008

What Scares Me About Sarah Palin... not the woman herself, but what I've been reading lately about some reactions to anyone that opposes her. This blog is not about what I think of Sarah Palin, for that is why we have secret ballots and why, if I want to, I can keep my opinion to myself. If I I did not support her candidacy and I wanted to, I should have a right to speak my mind freely without worrying about my safety or the safety of my family. I should not be threatened or be treated as if I did not have that right. Somebody wrote that down somewhere.

I understand excitement and hope for a candidate that appears to support one's own values. Palin has definitely caused a shake up, showing Washington that America is looking for someone different, someone new. What scares me is devotion that approaches idolatry, devotion without careful research and study. If after carefully considering, after studying what she has done and what she plans to do, you support Palin, that is all well and good. You can volunteer, you can campaign, perhaps distribute flyers, fund raise. Novel idea: vote for her!

But Palin has seemed to have attracted some people to her corner that think it is okay to email death threats, curse writers, and throw obscenities. Why the vehemence? Why would someone, claiming to support a pro-life candidate tell conservative Kathleen Parker to "off herself"? Why a viral email that has resulted in hateful emails to a housewife in Alaska?

I don't understand the hatred. If I read something with which I don't agree, I put it aside. I continue to read and think. I don't feel personally attacked nor the need to personally attack. I can only think that anyone who is so very full of anger and hate must not truly believe in Palin, but think that she is in such a weak position, that all opposition must be silenced. I am afraid for our country that so many people think it is okay to disagree with violent words. To be honest, I'm even a little afraid to post this blog - even without talking about Palin herself. What has happened to our First Amendment? Does this scare me? You betcha'!


Robin said...

Oh wow. I so agree with you.

Even scarier, back in the day when everyone agreed with Rush Limbaugh. Who even admitted he was an "entertainer" and encouraged people to do their own critical thinking (this was before the drugs and the big head!).

It was genius of McCain to name her as a running mate, it counterbalanced that upstart Obama. LOL! You must admit, we've got an old hand and an upstart on repub side....and an upstart and an old hand on the other.

But when a country like ours seems to be in brings out the crazies.

Like the people freaking out over roe v wade, in this election. Something that is not even in the president's jursidiction. The economy is shaky, we're in a war, bailing out deadbeats....and you want the possible elected president to stick his hands in my uterus?

It's nuts. Plainly plum butt crazy. Hate mail, death threats...have we learned nothing as a nation?

whitetr6 said...

I agree Cathy, it's actually that very thing that scares me about Senator Obama as well. I have actually heard people who have said that they will vote for him solely because of his race. When questioned about the Senator's views, they have simply said it doesn't matter. They just want to see a black president in office, as if that will resolve all ills in our country. I admit I lean to the conservative side. I'm religious and have a strong belief in the sanctity of life and every child's birthright. But I have always tried to look at the total package for each candidate and choose who I think has the best overall plan for our country. I've come to feel in this election especially that we would all be better off if all the uninformed voters would just stay home, rather than following the herd to the polls and blindly poking the chads. That scenario is what keeps me awake at night.

Junosmom said...

Robin: dh and I were just talking about this the other night: What changes can a President actually cause to happen. One article I read said that choosing Supreme Court justices was one of the most important things an administration does and the biggest legacy it leaves.

Agreed, Whitetr6, there is a similarity - except that I've not read (yet) any accounts of people being threatened with the loss of life for opposing Obama or writing negative things about him. Why do some Palin supporters (in the tens of thousands) react so viciously? Perhaps there are Obama supporters that are just as "crazy", but I've not heard about it yet. This whole election makes me think I'll just vote for someone I know won't win anyway.

Arby said...

There may not be widely published accounts of death threats against Senator Obama’s critics for vocally opposing Senator Obama, but that does not mean they haven’t happened. It only means that they have not been reported. There are nut jobs on both sides of the political spectrum, and they poke their ugly heads out of their holes every once in a while to remind us that they still exist. Just read the Daily Kos. Look up reports of the vile, nasty comments made about Tony Snow when it was first announced that he had cancer, and the comments made after he lost that battle. For some for some of the nastier Americans who did not agree with Mr. Snow, his death was an event to be celebrated much like America’s enemies danced in the streets after the news of 9/11 broke. This type of lunacy takes places all the time, and it is grossly inappropriate to relate any of it directly to Governor Palin. Can you imagine that she would actually condone or encourage the comments that Kathleen Parker has received? No one should be afraid of Governor Palin for the comments made by some Americans towards her detractors. Everyone should be afraid of the individual people who make such comments, of the culture in America that views these comments as acceptable to make, and of the divisiveness that threatens to tear this country in two. On a different note, Robin has it wrong. No one wants “the possible elected president to stick his hands in [her] uterus.” It’s quite the opposite, really. Many people don’t want doctors to stick their hands in her uterus to remove a baby, once conception has been achieved.

Anonymous said...

Check out this link and you'll see attacks from the Left. It's VERY scary.

Arby said...

I found the first image online while searching for the second. The second was reported on, the only place I have seen it reported. Allow me to warn you that both images are vile in content, but they clearly illustrate the hate that is on the left. If you do not allow these on your comments section, I understand. I will not send you any other examples, for both of our sakes. These are sent with sincere reservations. I apologize if you look at them and are offended.


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