Friday, October 31, 2008

William's pumpkin

Anna working on her pumpkin

Lauren's pumpkin


Packsaddle said...

According to the Pediatric Anger Expression Scale (3rd Edition), your children will be enriching uranium in their bedrooms within 8 months.

The Seasons of Life said...

I love the pumpkin foaming at the mouth! These are beautiful pictures. Thanks.

Junosmom said...

Pack: thanks for the interpretation. I'll start locking them in the basement. Or will that exasperate their problems?

Robin: I think it is supposed to be vomiting. A teenager's attempt at humor. (Although it is pretty funny.)

Travis Erwin said...

Fine craftsmanship.

Janie said...

A puking pumpkin...whoda thunk it?

I love them all!

Packsaddle pushes the envelope all the time. He cracks me up.


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