Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Blogoversary Come and Gone! and My Dad

Well, here I was going to have a nice post for my 1000th blog and here it has come and gone. Somehow, based on the last days, I expected that the 1000th post would be the one after this one. Yet, when I logged in I am now up to 1001 according to blogger which evidently cannot count consistently. Like a bank, it must have miscounted but caught its error. Still, I am going back over my blogs to find my favorite top blogs, but maybe I'll just post one per week, instead of a list all at once.

An update on my dad:

The procedure to insert a stint to repair his abdominal aneurysm went surprisingly well. Though it was a long day of sitting and waiting, by the time I left he looked almost good enough to go home. This procedure, however, requires a two day stay in the hospital. I left and traveled home, two hours away.

Yesterday, my sister, Diane, saved his life. I had noticed that his words were slurred when I called and that he said he hadn't eaten his breakfast. Yet, not knowing diabetes like my sister who lives with him, I didn't think about the implications. Diane, on talking to him, immediately was concerned with his unresponsiveness and legarthy. The bottom line is that he was administered morphine for pain, which caused him to lose his appetite and/or fall asleep, and he ate neither his breakfast nor lunch, but was still administered insulin.

The nurse, who was a few french fries short of a Happy Meal, desisted when my sister pressed her to take his blood sugar: it was not time! Diane, by now on her way there, called the charge nurse and by the time Diane arrived, the room was full of medical personnel as they had found his sugar to be 37, which is dangerously low. Later, it was also determined that she'd allowed him to remove his compression boots (they prevent blood clots), not seen that he ate or drank, and he hadn't gotten up all day - critical for circulation in this kind of procedure.

By 6 a.m. this morning, he was on a different pain killer, his sugar was stabilized and he was much better. It was scary and wholly unnecessary. We will see how he is doing today. It has been said that you should never leave a loved one alone in a hospital, even for a short time. It is true.


pita-woman said...

Glad he's doing better now. It's scary how incompetent (or maybe just over-worked and not thinking straight) some medical professionals are.

Camflock said...

Praise God that Diane was there and able to see all these symptoms and insist on help. Hospitals scare me. Sage advice to not leave a loved one alone in one.

Kristen Painter said...

Wow, that's kinda scary about your dad. Good thing your sister was on the ball!

Kristina said...

Wow, I'm glad your sister caught it. I know someone was with my dad at all times when he was in the hospital, and even then, we sometimes had trouble getting them to do anything.

whitetr6 said...

Good news. Very glad Diane was on top of that. Will keep your dad in my prayers. -m

Cloudia said...

God Bless Diane, your Dad, and you my friend! So glad you caught it!

Sepiru Chris said...

Great news, Junosmom, on your Dad.

I was worried, and did not want to intrude, when there was no post yesterday.

I was then worried, today, because your title had me thinking something different had occurred, so I am pleased for you that your blogoversary has come and gone, but not your Dad.

As for favourite blogs, I still hold that my favourite blog posting of yours was the one on cicada damage to plants.

Why did I like that one so much? Simply because I was randomly perusing your archives and it caught my attention.

It said, to me, here is someone with an inquisitive mind and an observant eye. But wait, there's more. Here is someone with the wherewithal and spirit to follow up curiosity with action to determine what has happened or what is happening.

That combination of traits makes you a very interesting person. One whom I am happy to get to know, even if only through e-posts and e-comments.

And congratulations on surpassing the 1K mark. Pretty impressive.

1001 is actually nicer than 1000, in my opinion. It is a palindromic number, so its prettier. But I quite like symmetry (which is why I like Palladio's architecture so much, although I did prefer the older, non-symmetrical church which you showed a few weeks ago).

Oooh. I just thought of another one.

There was a post you did with a rotating lady.

If you saw her rotate in one direction you were right-brained and if you saw her rotate in the other you were left-brained. And most people could see her rotate in both directions.

I can only see her rotating in one direction and am apparently am creative but devoid of logical reasoning as a result. I am not sure if my math and formal logic and metamathematical professors would agree or not, but it has me powerfully interested, and bemused.

So I quite liked that post too because of what it offered and how it affected me. Which is why I liked the cicada post, too. And which is why I like most of your posts.

So there you are. Go you.

Cheers and Tschuess,


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