Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tu Parles Français?

While driving one day, I thought to use the time with William effectively to do a little "car-schooling". I pushed in a cassette tape (I told you Euguene the van was old) that teaches beginning French.

Tape: Je m'appelle Teddy. Je suis un ours. (My name is Teddy. I am a bear.)
Me: William, can you say "Je m'appelle William?"
William: Je t'attelle William. Hey, we have a relative that's named Teddy, don't we?
Me: Yes, we do. Please repeat, "Je MA-pelle."
William: Je TA-telle William. Isn't he Matthias' brother and Teddy stands for something else?
Me: Je MA-pelle. Yes, Teddy stands for Theodore.
William: (abandonning all pretense to give a rat's patootie about the French lesson) There's a Theodore in Alvin in the Chipmunks movie. You should see it - it's really funny.
Me: (also now giving up): Yes? (distractedly)
William: Yeah, Alvin puts a hat on Theodore and he farts.

Do all conversations of nearly seven year olds lead to this? Don't answer that. I think I already know.

It was warm enough yesterday that Lauren and a neighbor got out ponies Phantom and Jorgen to ride. It was good to see the sun.

About this time of year, I begin to think of planting a garden. Ironic, how I can fail year after year to have a productive garden and still, come spring, I'm ready to start all over again. This year will be different.


Jennifer Jilks said...

I wrote about conversations with my Dad when he had dementia from his brain tumour. He could not remember names of things. It was funny if it weren't so sad.

We just had a Skype conversation with one-year old granddaughter. Now THAT's the silliest conversation ever! She has a few words, and we have guests, I didn't feel too silly!

Kristen Painter said...

I wish I had room for a garden. I grow herbs and some cherry tomatoes, that's about it.

Passage of a Woman said...

I can't even keep plastic plants alive, yet I purchase seedlings every spring!

Continue to encourage William's delightful conversations with you and you won't be left with "'sup" and "whatever..." when he's 17.

Barrie said...

I wonder if he'd stick more with the French lesson if it centered around bodily functions! ;)


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