Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Town Monday

My Town Monday was created by Travis Erwin. Each Monday, bloggers across the world send a link to their own blog about their own corner of the world. For the past month, Chris and I have hosted MTM while Travis took a break. Travis is now ready to resume duties, so if you are writing a MTM post and would like it included in the blogroll, please send a message to Travis. I will write my own MTM post tomorrow, and perhaps a Sunday blog later today. Thank you to all who sent links to Chris and me during our stints at MTM.


debra said...

And thank you for holding down the fort while Travis worked on rebuilding his.
I hope things are improving with your family's health.

Travis Erwin said...

Many thanks for keeping the firing burning. (Yeah bad pun I know but do you realize how many cliches are out there that do with fire?)

Anyway feel free to keep linking as well if you want. The more exposure the better but I also know it takes a good bit of time to gather and post the links so no obligation.

Janie said...

You so rock for hosting this for the Trav.

Blessings to you, lass.


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