Friday, January 16, 2009


This morning, Dad was weaned off his ventilator, sedation was removed, and he is now breathing on his own. Due to treatment for congestive heart failure, his overall puffiness is being reducing and he is resting comfortably. He is still delicate and weak, but improving. His attitude is good, though he is frustrated with being pestered constantly with necessary tests and treatments.

I can't thank enough those of you have have done our family kindness. It is difficult to be dealing with this, but I see that I am not alone and it sustains me. I returned home today to see my family and regroup myself. My sisters hold down the fort for Dad right now. Two friends provided my family a nights' dinner and another friend delivered it. What a blessing it was, as I was so tired. For each prayer, kind word or action, I thank you.


Cloudia said...

It is your own kindness, and the unearned grace of God that is bearing you up; those and your own grit and courage! Aloha-

Sepiru Chris said...

Good Morning Junosmom,

You are very welcome.

You know, there must be a good reason why you are so well supported.

Look at those amazing people cooking meals and warming chickens for you and yours (hopefully those two actions are separate).

All your family and friends, even the peculiar e-friends, are united in their desire to offer support.

"That Junosmom is some lady..." is the subtext.

You must deserve it if everyone is offering.

I send you courage for the new day.

Best wishes
(with embedded courage),

I think the Opossums were trying to send you strength, but were not sure how to wrap it.

So, if you heard them last night, that was the gist of their conversation.

One of them texted me, for some unknown reason, but my google translator had trouble with the grammar.

I do not think I was useful. But, I am more than willing to claim credit if you do find some errant strength lying around.

Take it, it is meant for you.

debra said...

When my folks were ill, I made a hand written sign that I put over my kitchen sink: ACCEPT ALL OFFERS.
I learned to do that during my long haul.
So I say the same to you: ACCEPT ALL OFFERS. Get rest while you can, and luxuriate in the warmth of family, friends and love.

jacobithegreat said...

oh, horray! i was over here in blog world sending you good vibes.

Camflock said...

To Debra,

What wise words "ACCEPT ALL OFFERS." When my twins were born -- I had to learn to "accept all offers." It was hard to let friends vacuum, do laundry, cook and clean for me, yet I still remember it as a time of great love.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, and for reminding and encouraging Cathy (and all of us) to be willing to "accept all offers."

To Cathy,
The offers are still pouring in....our friends are calling me asking how to help -- offers of dinners, watching your little guy or even helping with the animals.

Accept all offers,

Jennifer Jilks said...

I would echo debra's wise words, plus: remember to breathe!


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