Thursday, January 15, 2009


After a brief rest this afternoon, I am taking the third shift at the hospital with Dad. He is stable, sedated and on a respirator. We knew going into this repair of his abdominal aneurysm that risks were involved. He has many health issues to combat, including a history of heart attacks and 50 years of smoking (he quit cold turkey about 15 years ago). It is believed that he has congestive heart failure, something that can be overcome but is a delicate and not easy situation.

As I sit, I hear his ventilator, a Darth Vadar-like soft sound. His body resembles a computer with many cords coming from it powering many applications. In reality, each line monitors some function or medicine. Beeps make me get up to look. What is it now? Likely, they'd rather family goes home, but our experience has been that someone needs to be here always.

I continue to be warmed by the family and friends that gather around me mentally, physically, by blog and Facebook, by prayer. I am blessed indeed.

We are on hour by hour now, learning not to make short term plans but investigating long term ones. Tomorrow, I hope to go to see my family. Today on the phone, William told me that last night, he needed me at bedtime "so bad". I told him likely his sisters and dad were also missing me, and could he help me by keeping them busy and happy, so they would not miss me so much. He strengthened and said he could do that. What a strong boy!

And in the good news department, we received an email today announcing that Anna had won a Gold Award and two Silver Awards on the regional level for the Scholastic Art and Writing Contest. The Gold Award Painting of William will go on to the national competition. We are bursting with parental pride over her accomplishments.


Janie said...

Awesome on Anna! That portrait is amazing, I'm not surprised someone else noticed it!

I'm praying for you and your dad, girlfriend.

Here's (((((hugs))))!

debra said...

Kudos to Anna for the recognition of her beautiful work!
I have sat next to both of my parents in hospital beds, listening to the whooshes and beeps of their lives. My heart is with you, Junosmom.


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