Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Town Monday - Centered

My Town is what I consider "centered". Many modern towns have a name, but not an identifiable center. Prior to moving to My Town, we lived in a place that was a community, but no real place that I could say that is "downtown". Many places these days look like any other, long roads with all the same stores and fast food joints. Our town is developing such a road, but still has an historic downtown. Even at newer places, you often see familiar faces and even if not, some Southern smiles. I suppose the fact that I have come to know many people in My Town who plan to live out their lives here, not move on with the next job, has made it more like home. It is slow here in My Town. That's the way I like it.

My Town was invented by Travis Erwin, who is rebuilding his life after a house fire. Visit him and offer support. While he's busy, Chris and I will host MTM. Please leave a comment if you have a blog on your town that you would like linked from here. I will put the links up as I am able.

Please visit these wonderful glimpses at corners of the world:

Chris in Hong Kong
Cloudia in Kalihi
Chuck in Kentucky
Clair Dickson in Michigan
Barbara Martin in Orangeville, Toronto
Mary in Olmstead, Ohio
Reb in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Patti Abbott in Michigan
Debra in Peninsula, Ohio and One World One Heart
Barrie Summy in San Diego, California
Lauren in Chicago
Gary in Pontyridd, Wales, United Kingdom (to be posted)
J Winter in Cincinnati, Ohio
Passage of a Woman in Kingston, Tennessee (my cousin!)


Cloudia said...

I like your town the way you portray it. Nice people like you live there. Aloha-

Barbara Martin said...

My MTM post is up.

debra said...

My post will be up at midnight.
My town also has a center; thankfully no city water or sewers so no fast food and all that goes with it.

Janie said...

I like the sound of that...centered.

Sepiru Chris said...

Hello Junosmom,

Thank you for your comments, and I am glad to see you back. Your town sounds like a place where you belong. Which is what it should be, I suppose. I am perhaps not so sessile; neither better, nor worse, only different.


Reb said...

Your town sounds wonderful. I see you already have me linked thank you.

Barrie said...

Thanks for helping with the MTM posts. Mine will be up after midnight: San Diego, CA

pattinase (abbott) said...

I once lived in a suburb without a downtown and found it unlivable. Am so glad to have one now. I need to be centered too.

chuckmccky said...

Opps! I messed up on the publishing date for today's MTM - Queen of the Hill. It is up now

Travis Erwin said...

I plan to get back in the groove myself next week but for now here are a couple of links.

Lauren -

and Gary sent me an email sayinghe was going to post a MTM, but i don't think it is up yet.

gary -

Lauren said...

Thanks for putting my post up!

Passage of a Woman said...

Cathy, better late than never, I have a MTM post for you. Tell your dad I am sending him a card to Diane's house. If and when he can receive phone calls, please email his phone number. Love and prayers!

Sepiru Chris said...

Hi Junosmom,

You seem to have a lot of your family on the web! And you seem to be the centre of a lot; maybe your town's centredness comes from you.

Whew. Another MTM almost over. Just waiting for Gary.

Thanks for those emailed updates. I should have done the same for you. I will next week. (Maybe that will be our last?)



Travis Erwin said...

Amarillo is fairly well centered as well and speaking of Amarillo, I think I'll be able to get back on the My Town wagon this next week.


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