Saturday, January 17, 2009

Move over Dad, I might need a hospital bed

Hospitals collude to present themselves with future patients by serving terrible food. The cafeteria served oily pizza, pasta with heavy sauces, and french fries with hamburgers. Okay, they did have a soup and salad bar and baked chicken with some sort of fluorescent red sauce, but nothing really appetizing. Aside from that, it was guaranteed that if one steps out of the room for any length of time, the doctor would come and the latest information would be missed. So, my sister and I tended to just cut back on eating much of anything.
When we got a break Thursday night from our sister Diane, we went to Teresa's house, where she packed a lunch bag for me of more healthy snacks. I took them gratefully. I settled in for a restless night at the hospital. In the morning, I decided breakfast would be the three individual cheese servings in there. I didn't even look at them, but opened them and ate. I was surprised at the taste, for Teresa and her son tend to milder tastes, not the sharp cheddar my family prefers.

I ate another. By the third, I was thinking that the sharpness was really remarkable, perhaps sharper than even I buy. When she came in that morning, remarked on the sharp cheese, at which point she said that it wasn't sharp, and in fact it was a colby and monteray jack blend, both mild. I fished in the garbage for the wrapper.

Good thing I have a sense of humor.


Jennifer Jilks said...

OMG, Junosmom. When I cleaned my mother's house out I threw out some stuff (we moved into their house) and kept other things.

I examined the walnut pieces I had been taking out of the freezer and throwing on my salads. Best before date: June, 2005. They had meat in the freezer from a year prior to our moving in, yet they sent us to buy $250 of meat from the butcher.

Nietzsche said, "The things that don't quite kill you make you stronger!"

Janie said...

Oh, my Lord. I'm so glad you're not sick!

I could so see myself doing that. Heh.

Junosmom said...

Jennifer, well, I don't mean to imply sister normally has old food - she doesn't and she is way more organized and good at keeping house than I. It was just a fluke.

Janie, eh, I keep thinking of it as sour cream. That stuff keeps forever and it's dairy, right?

debra said...

Ah yes, a sense of humor and a strong constitution. These are the marks of a homeschooling mom. Glad you're ok.

Jennifer Jilks said...

Actually, Junosmom, I know how easily it happens. I think we should all be more careful!

Our town of 650 has cleared out for January - I blogged about that as it is very bizarre - like a ghost town with no ghosts, only skidoos screaming around the streets in the daytime.

I keep reminding my hubby to check best before dates...we have sliced turkey that expired 3 days ago. The milk as hanging in, I gave it to the cat to try first. She's losing weight and likely not well, but lapped it up.

pita-woman said...

LOL, I think as long as there wasn't anything green & fuzzy on the cheese, you'll be fine.
I would tell you to take along some of those packs of peanut butter crackers, but since those have all been recalled now, you're probably better off eating the out-dated cheese.


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