Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Day Late...and No Dollars

When dh and I were first married, we reveled in the luxury of not having to go out on a weekend night. It is funny looking back from present time where I sit and wonder why, childless, we didn't go out to a movie and dinner at every opportunity. In our new house that we left all day for work, we wanted to stay home. We would grill fat, juicy steaks and pull TV trays up in the living room to watch the latest "Star Trek" or a movie.

Anyone that has ever known me knows that I've always said I want to write a book, and that someday I would. Perhaps someday, I will. I haven't yet. Back in those days, dh remembers (perhaps I was watching too much Star Trek) that I described an imagined plot of a book where a man discovers the secret of growing younger, only to his horror to determine that it will end in his becoming an infant and ultimately, dying. How would that affect his life and those he loved?

This past week, we saw the Curious Tale of Benjamin Button, and I saw the book, unwritten, I had imagined all those years ago played out on the movie screen. Damn! Had I only written the book! At the end of the movie, however, I saw that the movie was based on a short story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald long before I was born. It struck me that had I not known that, and had I had the time and courage to have written my idea into a book, I would have found that the story had already been written. I would have wasted two years writing - or so I tell myself.

During those same early marriage years, computers, emails and forums were a new thing. I remember dialing up to Compuserve, and paying for each minute online, something I am sure is incomprehesible to the youth of today. One month, I was sick to my stomach realizing I had spent over $50 of our tight budget online. What was I doing online? I was a member of a writers' forum. I think I remember reading posts by Diana Gabaldon, now one of my favorite authors, who was at the time writing Voyager, and the encouragement she received on there.

I also distinctly remember an ongoing "conversation" of indignant writers who had been published and had to endure the comments from would-be writers. The published authors, or at least some of them, were incensed to hear someone claim to be an author or writer when the person was unpublished. In some ways, the blogosphere has changed this, and there are many ways to be "published", unless you consider "published" to be followed with money.

I still dream of writing, but even getting to the end of this blog is a challenge. Uninterrupted writing time is now my luxury. The ability to get lost in my thoughts and mind, a luxury. William has just cut his finger on a dull pocket knife dh thought he might be old enough to own. Guess not.

I was astonished yesterday to see an opposum in our garden with the bantam hen and two large chicks. He (or she?) lumbered off as I shouted at it. The chickens did not seem phased. Yet, later in the evening, they were not in the fence. Had the opposum returned and finished them off?

I found the two immature birds trying to get into the big coop with the four "girls". Whatever they feared, they should have feared being in that coop with four bossy hens. I captured them and put them in their night crate. Where was their bantam (foster) mother? A quick look didn't turn her up, and likely she lost her life protecting her young.

Daisy, our beagle-dor, was in the yard, so I sent her out with "find it", and she took off. She ran about the yard, likely finding the scent of the oppossum, yet not following the trail. I was about to give up when I heard the distinctive sound of a hen chortle. Daisy had her hunkered down on the back deck, wanting very much to stomp on her find. If a dog could smile, she was smiling. Her tail about wagged off her back end. I praised her heartily and scooped up the hen, plopping her in with her offspring. I have no idea why they were scattered and she'd run up on the deck. I put them in the triangular chicken tractor today to give them peace of mind. The two chickens normally housed there were turned out to free range for a change.


Kristen Painter said...

I'm kinda jealous that you have fresh eggs.

And while Hotrod and I talk about going to movies alot, we don't do it nearly as often as we could. It's just so nice to stay home and watch one, you know?

Cloudia said...

Very rich and wide-ranging post today! I have a friend who is a well-published author. Big publishers, good books. She doesn't recognize the publishing world today (or it - her). As you say, we have other options today. Close to death in hospital (I recovered by the way) my one regret was that I hadn;t written the book that was forming in my heart; essentially my amazing experience emigrating to Hawaii, all the human treaure I'd lived and found. No local publisher wanted it. who was I? What was the genre? It's a sweet little novel by an unknown - good luck. So I published with one of "those" on-demand houses and didn't look back. I'm in my state library system, amazon, in and out of local bookshops, people whose art I respect have REALLY loved the book and I've made new friends. the satisfaction is permenant. They can't make you re-earn your degree, and your book will never be un-written. People are reading it! People are touched! Sales stay small, but each reader is a treasure. It led to my column at waikiki news, which led to blogging and faily writing and meeting YOU! So I'm enjoying the ride. Maybe I'll write a book about Waikiki from all my posts that will sell a billion. Maybe Angelina Jolie will decide to star in the movie version of my book!
I've met lots of interesting people through my little book, and have the satisfaction of giving something back, and to preserve this special place. Oh! My book is called "Aloha Where You Like Go?" So live your dream. I and many others read your blog. You are a writer, with more seasoning and "content" to write about every day (that pocket knife! those chickens!). Aloha felow author!!
Can;t wait to read your ten best posts!!!!!! Warmly, Cloudia

pita-woman said...

I couldn't begin to tell you the last time we went to the movies. We usually wait for things to come out on dvd.
I've not seen the latest Brad Pitt movie, but whenever I see the previews, I keep thinking of the Mork & Mindy show, where their son Mearth(?) aged backwards.


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