Saturday, June 13, 2009

Goldilocks Goes to College

Little League baseball games would be much more enjoyable if they sold beer at the concession stand. Corona. With Lime. On second thought, maybe a bad idea. Some parents already seem to have a little control issue, and while beer calms some, it loosens other. All the bad calls last night were to our favor, yet we still lost. William got some good hits, and selfishly, that's all I care about - he's improved this season tremendously. They won't be in the championship and I am secretly a little relieved.

Most of my time is now spent in giving away my elder daughter. That's how it feels anyway, like I'm trying to find a husband for her or a new family. Like giving her away, planning for her to leave. She is like Goldilocks: this college is TOO big, and this college is TOO small. Their pianos are TOO awful, and I'd continue but so far, there is no college or university where the pianos are just right. The Suzuki ideal of providing the best instrument affordable has not trickled down to the American post-secondary education system.

So, we give up the piano ideal and search for a college professor that Lauren likes and with whom she wants to study for four years. Of course, this is all pie-in-the-sky because we can't afford any of them. That segues into my second occupation of becoming a scholarship guru. It is a minefield.

I leave you with a photo taken of William at his last piano recital. Why do I watermark it? So he doesn't end up in Czechlosavakia.


David Cranmer said...

Ah, Corona with lime is a favorite, though lately I've been enjoying Sam Adams Summer Ale with lemon.

Kristen Painter said...

Boy, he looks like trouble. LOL

Cloudia said...

No WONDER you've been too busy to visit!
Forgiven, but do try to swing by da spiral and check out my virtual tribute to my Dad: "Riding With Dad" from a week back. It's going to be a guest column in the Honolulu Star Bulletin on thursday (2 days after my birthday!)
GO Piano Girl!
GO Super Mom!
Just remember: do your best & then rest.....Aloha, Sistah

pita-woman said...

Ahh, such a handsome lad!

It may feel like you're trying to give her away now, but just remember, in all likelihood she'll be back in a few years with grandchildren to fill your "empty" hours.

Sepiru Chris said...

I send my best wishes to Lauren in the hunt for a good mentor and coach in a school that meets all of her and your parameters.

Bonne chance.



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