Monday, June 22, 2009

My Town Monday - Storms

Weather is giving us an opportunity to study science frequently. For some reason, we have had a lot of storms, from ice to wind to floods and rain. Meteorologists have had a stellar year in Kentucky.

I will say, however, that our area, our town is blessed. For some reason, the storms seem to congregate to our northwest, and on radar, appear to be heading straight for us. Through the miracle (curse?) of modern technology, we can watch online for circular patterns and heavy downpours. Yet, many times, it turns as it crosses the Ohio River and goes south of us. One county in particular about an hour away seems always to be hit hard. I tell my daughters, "Never live in that county!"

There is something about the topography or the river that seems to protect us. Even the county to the east of us, which is flatter and more open, seems to get a lot more damage. Of course, we still have had our share of wind and ice, even the topography could not save us from that.

The frequent rains this year have resulted in a bumper crop of interesting, and sometimes large mushrooms. But, I'm not that adventurous to try them.

For more MTM, go to see Travis. Better yet, write your own and tell Travis and he'll link to you, too!

Photos above were taken on a stud farm (for horses, thought I should clarify that) up the road. They raise Thoroughbreds.


debra said...

We've also had intense weather here in NE Ohio. Interesting year...

Travis Erwin said...

We've had a stormy last week but we badly needed the rain so I won't complain about the wind or hail damage.

pattinase (abbott) said...

We have a ton of mushrooms here too. And intense weather.

Barbara Martin said...

Perhaps the storms start up north, like here in Toronto. There have been more rainstorms of late than usual, but the rain is helping the dry year we had last.


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