Saturday, June 20, 2009


My son takes such flattering photos of me. Some, while I wipe messes off the floor with my rear in the air, some with my mouth full of peanut butter and jelly sandwich. These are the only photos that will remain of me, for I am always the one taking the family photos.

Someday, they'll look for a good photo for my obituary, and they'll have to choose between the PB&J face and my baby pictures. People will say, "Gee, she lived to be 109 and all they could find was her baby photo?"

Still, the candid shots are very revealing. But I found a friend: Picasa 3! I found I could airbrush out lines under my eyes, but apparently not the lemon sourpuss mouth. I look at these photos and it is natural what comes to mind: "How did I get OLD?"

I still feel like me inside, yet, my skin is softer on my bones, my curves a little broader, my endurance not as long. I'm strong for my size, but a fifty pound water bucket now shoots pains in my hips where babies once rode. I look down at my arms and wonder where I got them, for my arms have smooth skin, strong muscles (at least the ones I remember). Somehow, I'm not quite ready to be old, but it is happening without my compliance.

Evidently, someone got the word got out to some dufus at a retirement home who sent me a mailer. Yes, retirement home. I'll be eligible in less than a decade. I wonder if they'll mind William being there. He'll still be in high school. No, I think not. Besides, there is so much left to do, so many things I thought I would do. What happened to all the time?

The barn was quiet last night. I am used to the sound of Travis chuckling to Diva, fussing around while I do evening chores. He, Diva, their two eggs and two black chicks went home to a therapy farm yesterday thanks to PITA's help (love ya, PITA! She's such an animal lover like me!) I know that I did the right thing, and they went to a great home, but I can't help miss them a little and hope they understand. What am I thinking? They're chickens, for goodness sake! At any rate, my husband will be happy that I've kept my word and kept chickens out of his mulch, as I should.


Janie at Sounding Forth said...

If I airbrush the eye lines, will Picasa also brush away the fat???

Yummmmm. I need me somathat!!

chuckmccky said...

Well, I like that pic.

Passage of a Woman said...

My dear Cathy, it is these candid pics that your loved ones will look at and smile for the cherished memories they conjure up of their beloved mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter, cousin, aunt, servant, handmaiden of the Lord.

I don't believe Jesus will greet you at the gates of Heaven and say, "Oh, Catherine, you are so brilliant; you could have gone so far in the corporate world." No, I think He'll say, "welcome, my dear daughter, thou good and faithful servant, we know each other well. Enter thou into the Kingdom of the Lord."

Love you so much, Robin

Anonymous said...

"Somehow, I'm not quite ready to be old, but it is happening without my compliance."

you & me both, kid!

pita-woman said...

Granted, I hate having my photo taken, but just once in a while, I wish my husband would pick up the camera and try to get some candid shots. I'm now starting to understand why some families give me mom's driver's license photo to use when I'm working up her funeral. **sigh**
Update on chix...
Travis went to Susan's dairy farm and when he was turned out w/all her hens, he strutted his stuff and they all gathered 'round, very impressed with his good looks and size. He was cock of the walk I guess you'd say.
Diva, re-named "Etheluci" (don't ask!) is sitting on her eggs in the director's garage which has a/c, and the other two are making a home in the chicken-tractor next to her house. She's looking for blueplans to build a hen-house so they'll have better shelter.


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