Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Homeschooling Moment

Donuts in our house are a luxury - I rarely if ever buy them. My nutritional lapse occurred because an expected early morning rise, and I didn't want to do dishes (and I wanted one!). Bringing them home the night before, William asked how many we each could have, given that there were four of us at home. I explained that a dozen meant there were twelve donuts.

He thought a moment, "Well, six plus six is twelve......"

I knew immediately this was one of those homeschool moments. He was figuring out math intuitively, the best way. I waited for his brain to make the next leap.

"Three!" he shouted. Yes! I had just witnessed how the human brain begins to figure out math without being taught. Curious as to his thought pattern, I asked how he figured it out.

"Well, mostly, I guessed."

(Sound of deflating balloon.)


I felt a little guilty sending Diva (white hen) off to a new home, as she was "pregnant" and due any minute. I am relieved to hear she was delivered of two fuzzy chicks! Thanks again, PITA!


Kristina said...

Well, at least his guess was right. I absolutely love it when they figure out math on their own. And, look! He's using it in real life! :P

I love the way Xavier does multiplication. 9 x 4 =... Well, 2 x 9= 18, and 18 + 18 = 36, so 9 x 4= 36. That boy is faster doing multiplication this way than many people are doing it the old fashioned way. So, I let him do what he needs to.

Cloudia said...

congrats on fuzzy chicks,
math whizz kids,
& enjoy the donuts!

Comfort Spiral


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