Saturday, June 27, 2009

Junosmom goes to Washington

It was hard to not take it as an omen, but the Metro red line crash in Washington DC the day before we were to leave and ultimately, use public transportation in Washington DC made us country folk wonder what were were getting ourselves into. I wondered how this would impact our ability to get around, given that our generous hosts, my brother-in-law and family, lived along the red line. Thankfully, he was not on the train that day nor would he have been southbound. And, we have found that with a bit of patience, the city still moves, still gets you where you need to go.

After a few days in the city, I am amazed at the writing material. You need only sit in a spot for a few minutes before you have something or someone which catches your eye an makes you think. I must admit people watching is one of my favorite sports, one that I don't indulge in much in my small, rural town. Everything was so very different, even the atmosphere. I wonder what I'll ever find to write about after I fully explore this trip. My country life seems so - quiet - so uneventful after this trip.

Anna with Congressman Geoff Davis at the Capitol

We ventured out of our rural comfort zone for a ceremony - Anna won the Congressional Art Competition for our district. We saw her painting displayed in the corridor between the Congressional building and the Capitol. If you find yourself there some day, look for it in the Kentucky section. It will hang there for one year. I will miss it, for it normally hangs in my house!

I have photos, but still need to sort both them and my thoughts about this week. My family, (sans Lauren who is off on her own adventure), finally, by the last day, refused to walk any farther. I still had more museums to see but they staged a mutiny. More later....


Cloudia said...

Wow! Congrats, Anna!

See how easy it is for us bloggers in inherently interesting places?

Without the Waikiki daily parade, what would I write about?

I love your hard-earned, rural posts. DON'T move to the city! LOL
Aloha, Gal Pal

Comfort Spiral

debra said...

Kudos to Anna! What an honor for her and for all of you :-)

pita-woman said...

Country living provides plenty of writing material. How else would we ever know so much about chickens or gelding a mini-horse?
Congrats to Anna, glad you're trip was safe!


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