Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Do they not know I have a blog to manage? "They" being my provider of Internet service. On top of that, I am desperately trying to give away chickens and sell my pony, important stuff you know. Yet, once again, I have no phone or Internet at my house. You may wonder by what nefarious means I am blogging. (Can you tell we are studying SAT words at our house? Did I get nefarious right?)

I sit in the parking lot of Anna's art studio, stealing their wireless service like a junkie. She's assisting in teaching an art workshop this week, and today, I'll be in this same parking lot four times, dropping off and picking up as she also has art class tonight. It is only fair that I get to catch a signal in the air to write to you, isn't it?

As for this workshop, they are making musical instruments out of gourds. Interesting.

Diva (aka "Scary Chicken") sits still on her eggs. I wonder if she'll be disappointed or if there are chicks in there?

Little boys don't mind getting rained on at a minor league baseball game as long as he can have pizza, peanuts, cotton candy, hot dogs, Coke, and can play on the playground conveniently located inside the stadium.


Matthias said...

You guys lose your internet, phone and electricity a lot! Does your provider give any kind of explanation for it?

As far as "nefarious", though it is Latin, it just sounds egyptian to me. But why must you learn words for the SAT etc. that no one would ever use in real life? But then again, I guess you did use it... :P

pita-woman said...

Hmm, we have power here, but our internet has been truly sucky today, but then, it's sucky most days (different carrier than you). Which pony are you trying to get rid of?

debra said...

We have no choices when it comes to internet providers---so when it's down it's D.O.W.N. I feel your pain.

whitetr6 said...

given that your blog is "mission critical" to your subscribers, I would suggest redundant Internet paths, preferably from geographically diverse providers, run to a patch panel in the chicken coop.

seriously, nice to see your blogs again

David Cranmer said...

"Stealing their wireless service like a junkie." As a wandering gypsy (is there any other) I find myself in such parking lots on a regular basis. Take heart mi amiga, you are not alone.

Cloudia said...

Thanks for spending a few moments here in the car to talk!
I always wonder about you when I see heavy weather invading your state ;)
If your service returns, pop over to my blog for a June 16 party!
I can see the boys wet, muddy and happy. Thanks for the image.

Arby said...

A storm knocked out our internet all day. Boo. We don't have wireless or I'd steal my neighbor's. I applaud your creativity.


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