Monday, June 29, 2009

My Town Monday - Paradigm Shift

Everyday, as I water chickens and lead horses to pasture, feed my family and clean my house, people are descending down long tunnels to the underground Metro. There, they sit or stand quietly while on the way to a job or home. So many ways to go through life, so many unique paths.

I enjoyed a view into a different lifestyle from my own. At lunch, I sat with my family on Independence Avenue and watched young business people stroll by, talking or glancing at iPhones. Later, I walked and walked. So very different from home, such a different heartbeat, but pleasant in it's own way. I wondered would I adjust to the crazy driving, the sounds of sirens, the deference paid to people in power. Perhaps I would, but I've chosen differently.

Staying with my brother-, sister-in-law, and nephew in nearby Maryland, I was impressed with a botanical garden a block from their house. Beautiful walks lined with trees and gardens, and the trees were so tall! I hadn't noticed that our trees were short until now. I suppose our trees in forests are tall, but these trees in the park were towering! We asked questions of them as if we were in a different country: "How do you....?" or "Where do you...?" In a way, perhaps we were in a different country of sorts.

Now, back in my town, I think of the quiet people on the train as I go about my chores. I think of the crowds trying to squeeze in the door of the Metro to not wait another 10 minutes before going home. I think of the mom who drove the train that crashed, and died doing so. She worked to send her son to college. So many everyday lives out there, heros in their own right, but unknown to me as I pet Aloha and kiss Roxie good morning. Going away is good. It makes us remember our way isn't the only way, yet appreciate where we are. It makes us see our towns through another set of eyes.

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I finished New Moon, the second book in the (what do you call four books in a series? quatrology?) I still maintain that much as you love him, NO MAN is worth losing your soul. There.

The chickies grew tremendously while I was away!

I saw Michelle's victory garden. There was a man in a white coat (and cell phone, was he really working) in the garden. That's cheating! If she is going to set an example, I want to see her out in the heat sweating like the rest of us!


debra said...

Interesting how different places have their own personalities,isn't it. I love being other places, and it's always good to be home.

Cloudia said...

very nice!!!

Barrie said...

Different towns really do have different personalities. So....does that mean we are where we live? ;)

Barbara Martin said...

Although I live in a big city, I prefer the country. Several years ago I rented a country place to keep my horses and just loved mucking out the stalls. I miss that now.


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