Monday, June 15, 2009

My Town Monday - Most Improved

At the beginning of the season, William's hitting was sporadic and he couldn't throw at all. By the end of the season yesterday, he was one of the Giants most reliable batter and made the first play the team ever made from the outfield, throwing a ball from right center to second base for the out.

Our small town boasts a Little League that rivals most small towns. It has dedicated fields, pitching machines, lights for the night. We try to overlook that the scoreboards don't work sometimes. But I can't say enough about the real treasure - the coaches.

By the end of the season, the coaches had taken these boys, some of whom had never even thrown a ball and some who were quite good, and made a team of them. It was too bad that the season was over, as they had just finally coalesced into a team.

We walked from that field over to our Church next door and watched the Knights of Columbus in a baseball game against the youth group. The clouds were threatening, but we enjoyed sitting and watching the little kids on the playground while cheering for the bigger kids, dads grilling hot dogs. Such Americana it was.

I was musing on how chance or perhaps God placed me here. In a town where Lauren found one of the best piano teachers in the nation, where Anna found an art teacher and mentor, and a town that is so artsy, where young boys are nurtured yet challenged, where there is a town center and you nearly always see someone you know when you are out and about. I know that is becoming a rare thing in our society, and it is too bad.

Driving along the rural highway this morning, taking Anna to teach an art workshop, I watched the fields go by my window. Sheep, cows, horses. Yet, I am nearby to shopping, entertainment, and "big" cities. I meet many people that move here for the culture. You'd never think that, would you? Of all the places in the world they could choose, they picked my small town.

Yet, there are challenges - a different attitude towards education. But more on that another day.
Go visit some other towns that are listed over on Travis' blog roll of My Town Monday.

The horses have had too much clover. They open their mouths and it seems gallons of saliva drips out. Too gross.

The minis are finally starting to shed their winter hair.


Travis Erwin said...

A good dedicated coach with the right temperament is truly a treasure. Sounds like you town is very fortunate. Glad to have you back amongst the gang.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Amazing to see how quickly they can learn a sport at that age. I remember sitting on those bleachers for ten years. Soon it will be to watch my grandson.

Barbara Martin said...

The area you live in sounds like other towns I have lived in where the community is close. There is a refreshing quality to it that one loses living in a large city.

Horses will always eat the most succulent plants they can find in a field, clover being one of them.

Ddusty said...

What a kindly town you live in. And I love the idea of a Little League team being called the Giants. And good for the children and the fact that they have found the mentors they need. That's huge. Thanks for the nifty post.

pita-woman said...

Yep, love those puddles in the stalls created by a dozing horse that drools in it's sleep, or when they drool down your arm as you lead them about.

debra said...

Sometimes a place is just home, isn't it.

Anonymous said...

You bring your wonderful town, animals, and family alive to us. Thanks for your great generosity! aloha, Cloudia

David Cranmer said...

Is it possible you can bottle a little of your town's charm?


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