Friday, June 12, 2009

Scary Chicken

I feel like this some days when I've not yet had my coffee and William wakes up talking.

This chicken has gone broody and is sitting on two eggs on a shelf above the window in a horse stall. I have had a heart to heart with her and explained that I DO NOT need more chickens. Evidently, her biological clock is more important than my opinion. This is "Diva" (named for Kristen Painter), married to Rooster "Travis".

Note: no chickens were harmed in producing this video, we only looked at her. We did eat some (nameless) chickens for dinner, however. Also, I was accused of sounding like a chicken when I yelled "get back, get back!!" at William's baseball game last night.

We also have two chickies that were hatched from Diva/Travis eggs and put under a black bantam hen.

Anna just went by. "You're posting a blog???"


David Cranmer said...

Now, that's a mad chicken!

Kristen Painter said...

I have a chicken named after me? Well, I have arrived in the world, haven't I? lol

I sound like that sometimes too. Mostly when I'm hungry. I get really cranky when I'm hungry.

Junosmom said...

David: She is a good mama, doesn't like anyone to mess with her.

Kristen: Yes, what an honor, eh? Actually, she wasn't cranky at all and was a good layer until she decided to make chicks! She is fiercely protective and that would, in the wild, make her a survival and successful. Actually, it makes her successful in our barn 'cause I'm not going to mess with her!

Arby said...

There's a happy bird!

Barbara Martin said...

Hens when nesting tend to be snarky. Just looking at the poor hen was enough to set her off.

Barbara Martin said...

I just watched the video and the noise from your hen set my senegals to warning me away from the noisy bird they heard. They recognize an angry bird, even from a different sub-species.

Matthias said...

wow, I almost gave up checking your blog since it was the same for a month....but you've been catching back up! :)

yeah, broody chickens can be pretty cranky, our barn is full of broody geese right now (even worse) you step too near and you may loose a toe or two. :)

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Junosmom,

I had no idea chickens could sound that fierce.

I'm with William.



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