Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Birds

With days, weeks of subfreezing temperatures, the birds have become desperate. Yesterday, crows the size of my bantam hens were trying somehow to eat out of the bird feeder. I have been trying to video the large flock of European starlings that are getting in the chicken coop, but Daisy has learned that if she runs outside to the coop, it bursts suddenly with a flurry of feathers and this is enormously satisfying to a beagle-labrador mix. I had to sneak outside without her to get this video, which doesn't even show the large flock that flew off as they saw me walking up the driveway:

Note to Kim: I'm betting you won't be coming over to stick your head in the coop!
Tomorrow, a video of the miniature horses enjoying the snow.

Lazarus has been found and by my count, has used three of his nine lives. He was laying in the garage, which has a cat door and is always open for him to use. I brought him inside, but he is moving very slowly and carefully. We can determine no injury, and he can walk, eat and use the litter box, but is obviously tender on his back. I had suspected frostbite, but his pads are all pink and don't seem tender. We will baby him a few days. I'm always slower to take this half-feral cat to the vet, as it traumatizes him so greatly and he goes completely, hissing feral. I will see how he is doing by Monday.

William has somehow gotten the idea that he'd like a parakeet or some other bird to have as a pet. He wants a bird to hold. I told him he had a whole yard full of them - chickens. Go hold a chicken, I tell him. Evidently, that's not the same thing but I'm holding my ground on this one. So William's now adopted the stupid red cardinal that yes, is still butting it's head against a bedroom window. We've taped the outline of a hawk there, but it is too stupid to take the hint.

Stay warm! Looking forward to a twenty degree change by Wednesday! A heat wave in the 40s!


Jenn Jilks said...

That is a hoot. Clever birds know where to stay to keep warm! "No one in here but us chickens!"

We have a cat we haven't been able to get to the vet for 3 years. With 2 other cats in the house she is managing just fine. We gave up getting clawed.

pita-woman said...

My heart was beating heavily just listening to those wings flapping, and I 'bout came out of my skin when the one flew at you.
You know me too well friend. ;)


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