Monday, January 11, 2010

On Being Old

Photo left: Using Rigid Wrap, the girls make a "death mask" on me. It comes off in one piece minutes later. I'll explain it's relevance in a moment.

Over dinner, our family discussed one of the choices of essay questions that Anna could have chosen (but didn't) for a summer program she hopes to attend: What one person - modern or from another era - would you choose to travel with you on a cross-country road trip.

We discussed that these type of questions are often designed to test your creativity. The answers of most people are quite predictable and Jesus wins most every poll. He would be my first choice as well, as not only do I have many questions, I assume he'd make sure we'd have a safe trip and I'd become a better person. But then, nine out of ten people are going to pick him, and just for discussion sake, we moved on to who next? Again, typical answers are Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and so on.

Having just watched Groundhog Day again, I though Bill Murray would be fun, but maybe get us in trouble. George Clooney would be pleasing on the eye and seems to have a sense of humor. A few Googling phrases hit on John Travolta. He is a pilot, has his own jet, a sense of humor, and money. Could be fun. No, Anna said, "his time has passed". I could hear the air hissing out of my tires. He can't be much older than me. Okay, he's about six years older, not much. Is my time is passed? Well, I certainly do have days when I think time is running out.

At least my facial features are preserved now. (See photo.) Who would you like to cross the country with?

My kids are calling me. Not as in "hey Mom where are you" but as in "I call Mom at 8 o'clock tonight". My time may have passed but I am still in great demand.

Williamisms: Mom, do you think I could be a dentist when I grow up?
Me: Certainly.
Wm: But I'm not going to talk like my [pediatric] dentist.
Me: What do you mean?
Wm: Well, she said (uses syrupy, sing-song voice) "Okay, now I'm going to give your tooth a little huggggg" and then (now changes to aggressive voice) she grabs my tooth and twists it HARD and yanked it out. I didn't know what she meant.


whitetr6 said...

Funny, as I read your post just after beeing greeted by this bit of Hollyweird stuff this AM in my mailbox:

Some are downright scary. Cindy Crawford gets my vote for aging most gracefully, but I have to admit I like Clint Eastwood's "who cares" look.

I think I'll take Frank Sinatra on my trip. Hope he's not offended if I want to spend my time asking, "So what was Grace Kelly really like?"

pita-woman said...

Hmm, tough one.
I don't know as he'll ever be past his time. And I'd still like to see him dance on D.W.T.S.
If it were based on good looks and strength, I'd go with Lou Ferrigno, I've been drooling over him since I was a kid.

But does it have to be a person? I'd love to travel cross country with Olivia, or if he could be brought back to life for the journey, then Smokey.

Cloudia said...



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