Thursday, January 28, 2010

Notes of All Sorts

Cauna, our Americauna and oldest chicken, suddenly doesn't look too good. I think the very cold weather is difficult for the old ones. She has a heat lamp, but still.

Speaking of cold, I'd just about congratulated myself on surviving the worst of the cold, and it returned. It is 29 degrees F here today. Again, I put on layers upon layers. The horses are waiting at 5 p.m., asking to be let in already.

Even though it is cold, we've put nine eggs under our broody hen. They are to go to a friend who wants more chickens. The hen purred and gurgled, she was so pleased to be gifted with the eggs. How many will hatch?

February will be a busy season for us, as Lauren auditions at several colleges in preparation for going to college next fall for piano performance. My "brain worms" of classical piano music are alive and well.


Cloudia said...

Your description of your world, happy hens, horses, children and, a classical brain worms transports me!

Aloha, Friend
come a visiting!

Comfort Spiral

debra said...

Cold here, this morning---2 degrees. I've lost 2 hens this week---1 was old, the other not so old. Happens I guess...


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