Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hugs and Kisses

Roxie is the black mini and Chiron (aka "Chi")
is the one trying to give you a kiss on this chilly FREEZING!!! morning.

Which got me to thinking about "F" words. The other day, my husband asked if I had a book for him to read. I gave him the Time Traveler's Wife, which had already been read by my two teenage daughters before I got to it. I was telling him I was somewhat aghast at the amount of sex in the book, and the use of the "F" word not knowing William was listening in. BIG, big mistake. He spent the rest of the evening following me around asking what the F word is and why I won't tell him what it is.

I have Googled "It's colder than...." sayings but thought you'd like to add your own. Be clean - it's Sunday.

Cool! Today is 01/10/10.


pita-woman said...


Perhaps you could do a school lesson and have him focus on words starting with "F" and maybe this would distract him.

Fatcat said...



Frozen fajitas.


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