Friday, January 29, 2010

New Math

Dh looked over William's math page from yesterday. It was about grouping single digits that combine to make 10 for quick addition. "Very interesting," he said. "I use this way of adding up my golf score." Good, I am at least teaching the boy something he can actually use later in life.

William bought with his allowance a kit to make a Star Wars ship. It snaps together and says that it is good for kids 8+. Both of William's engineer parents have looked at it and have shaken our heads. It's going to require a graduate degree.

We are expecting snow. On Tuesday, I had heard that by Thursday night, we would have NINE inches. A run was made on bread and milk at the grocery. By yesterday, we heard that it would be 1 - 3 inches starting this morning. This morning, 1 - 3 inches are expected to arrive after sundown. What delayed the weather? Did it find a better place to be? Get blown off course? No matter, I'm happy it got lost, although William is already lining up his sled. Myself, I'll be driving pretty much all day tomorrow. I'm hoping that the weather gets lost again.


Expecting the farrier this morning. The horses hooves do not grow much during the winter, so hopefully, this visit will hold them for awhile. It's expensive - $30 per horse, $20 per mini - but I do enjoy hearing how the horses hooves look, and the farrier generally has all the neighborhood news.

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pita-woman said...

Ferrier day... the equine version of women going to a nail salon.
I remember the good times I had doing Kelsey's nails every Sunday... it's probably a good thing I don't own a horse, I'd be trying to paint it's hooves.


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