Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Humidity or Humility

At dinner one night this week, I mentioned that you can tell when the humidity is very low in the winter.
William and I had gone to McDonald's hat day for lunch because we had coupons for buy one Big
Mac, get one free. You know when the humidity is low when you try to open your
mouth wide
enough to bite a Big Mac and your lips crack. Everyone started laughing a bit, but then the Mickey Mouse laughing started, you know the kind when you can't quit, and you start crying, and your little kids start asking, "Mom, what's wrong, are you okay?" What brought that on?

It started when dh threw in the comment, "like a cat's butt". I started laughing.
"When have you last kissed a cat's butt?" The image of that is what caused a
good deal of mirth around the table.

It seems I had forgotten the story (and he hadn't) about the mom who found that her son
had been using the Chapstick on the cat's butt because it was "chapped".

I have a black bantam hen that has gone broody. I wonder if I can rent her out as an incubator?
I won't allow her to sit on eggs because I don't want any chicks. We could still have another
month or two of bad weather. I stole the one egg she had, and she now gives me dirty looks
when she sees me.

Thanks to all that commented on Anna's painting here and on Facebook. This painting
got a Silver regional Award this week from the Scholastic Art and Writing Contest.
The judges this year were looking more for "edgy", not realistic, but Anna had submitted
a self-portrait that was painted with a roller, rather than a brush. That one, that got a Gold.
With art, you never know what the judge is looking for. Myself, I want the painting back, but
it will be hanging in the show for a month along with the self-portrait and
another painting that got a silver as well.

The college application process continues with Lauren. Choosing music as a field of study
makes the whole process grueling, but we are starting to see some fruit. A letter yesterday
awarded her an academic scholarship to a school she's not yet even auditioned. Though it
isn't likely to be the school she will choose, it is good to see that things are moving in the
right direction.

PS There is something wrong with Blogger today. The text wrap isn't working, sorry
about the formatting.

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Cloudia said...

Exciting, Lauren!


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