Saturday, January 23, 2010

"One man's trash....."

William was in a very excited state this morning. "Look at what I found at the dump!" He pulled out a dull pocket knife with four implements.

Dump? I had sent him with his dad to the recycle center, not the dump. The idea is to dispose of trash, not pick up more trash to bring home. Well, it seems that someone had "recycled" a number of metal objects. A pipe wrench, a few tools, and oh, joy! Toenail and fingernail clippers! William had scooped those up, too. I recoiled. I'm going to start buying hydrogen peroxide by the case. I guess at the rate things like that are going down the toilet, it does help to have a few extra.

I am thinking he's about the Tom Sawyer or Dennis the Menace age with a pocketful of dead frogs, marbles, cool rocks and petrified insects. I have trained him to put those things in our "natural history museum", an old glass octagon shaped end table where we keep bird eggs, snake skins, dried lizards and such. I'm sure you have your own collection.

Watched Star Trek last night, which explains how I came to have Vulcan children.

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pita-woman said...

Am so laughing at this one. I think Wlm & my husband came from the same mold. Our garage is full of "treasures" my husband keeps bringing home that he finds in the dumpster either at work or behind the grocery stores he delivers to. I admit, there have been a coupld of good finds, but mostly, I'd just as soon he left them in the dump.


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