Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Are You a Slacker Mom?

I've been doing some little online surveys lately. I found this one about Are You a Slacker Mom? because here we sit blogging (I know you are out there) and even as we blog, we know we should be doing other things. The clean, unfolded laundry thrown on the bed will soon overtake the bed and you won't be able to find your husband beside you for all the clothes. But blogging takes on a life of its own, and becomes like a job, a rewarding one.

So over at this website, I expected that indeed, I'd be a Slacker Mom - BUT it said I was a Zen Mom. Now isn't that nice? It said that when things got rough, I take a deep breath, say "this too shall pass", and bring calm to the situation. The deal is, I'd like to get to where there aren't so many "situations".

Today: Took Wm to McDs playplace to play while Lauren was at piano lessons. Because I had Lauren's Saxon Math with me to correct, I was identified by some women as a homeschooler. Sadly, she'd been homeschooling for two years without knowledge of a support group. I put her on that path. School moms get adult interaction now and again through school, but homeschoolers don't get that automatically. You have to look for that support. It was an enjoyable discussion, but I didn't get the math corrected. See, I am a slacker mom.

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