Saturday, February 18, 2006


Thursday was full with school and Lauren's riding practice. Just as the day drew to a close, Lauren reported that Jorgen's (pony's) eye was swollen shut. I despaired, because we've just now received the vet bill for sutures for a cut on his nose. We've not yet received the bill for Stealth (Anna's pony) who turned up lame last week, and also for shots, Coggins, and health certificates for both. I need a job!

Because eye injuries can turn serious quickly, I called the vet right away and we were advised to put antibiotic in it and give him Banamine (painkiller). I found a neighbor with the eye ointment and apologized for using them as a pharmacy. I've little by little built our stockpile of animal medicines, but they seem to use them up faster than I can buy them lately.

The next morning, the vet found a corneal ulcer, most likely caused by the high winds blowing something into it, but he could also just as easily poked it somehow. We'll be medicating it for a few days. Interestingly, Equus magazine just had an article on eye injuries, but I didn't see it until after this was all over. I was happy to see we were doing all the right things. We learn a lot of things by having horses, but it sure gets costly. I plan to keep the magazine article though, and get Lauren to write a little on this experience and document this for her class in "Equine Studies".

Wm had an eye exam Friday morning, his first just to make sure all was well. The assistant asked him if he had any sisters. When he replied that he had two sisters, the woman said absent-mindedly, "Oh, that's a lot!" Wm said, "No it's not. I only have two!" Hangs around a lot of big homeschool families, I guess :-)

Friday afternoon, we went to the YMCA with the OCHE Tweens group, where the girls got a lesson in rock wall climbing. The attendants remarked that with my girls agility and strength, they would work the attendants (older high schoolers) out of a job. Wm enjoyed the playplace there and they all went swimming after.

Today, it is frigid cold. I'm done with this cold! We are staying home and fore-going the Mounted Games practice in Lexington. More on this later.

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Michelle said...

Hello, it was nice to come across your blogg. I am from La Grange--still have family there and that is why we moved (just couldn't handle the cold weather).


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