Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Tough Break

Lauren vaulted over her horse yesterday instead of onto it, and though she did hang on for a little bit, fell. Her ankle swelled immediately and it looked as if she had a bad sprain. Xrays were called for just to be safe, and surprisingly, they found a crack or break in the ankle. She'll get a cast tomorrow. Sadly, this puts her out of riding her horse for awhile, though I will be surprised if she doesn't try riding with a cast. She won't be making the Bluegrass Open competition, however at the end of March.

When they called to tell me that she'd injured her foot, (God forgive me) I thought "I hope it's her left foot". She plays the piano beautifully, pedalling with her right foot. Of course it was her right. God has a sense of humor like that. Perhaps she'll learn something really interesting about piano from this.

The trip to the emergency room was interesting. Now, one of our favorite shows is House, so I know that the littlest symptom can have meaning if you can believe a TV show, which you can't. But, as Dr. House says, it was a boring case. Obviously, she had either a sprain or a broken ankle. Yet, the questions they asked:

Do you smoke? Not with my ankle.
Do you do street drugs? Would anyone tell you if he/she did?
Do you have liver disease? And this would affect my ankle how....?
Heart disease? Not yet, but most people get it eventually.
Been out of the country? Yes, but the ankle was broken domestically.
Last period? Oh, that's why she broke it - PMS. She was just off kilter.
Favorite color? Allergic to dogs or shellfish? Email address?

So, Lauren will be off her feet for awhile. That means that Anna and I will have to pick up her chores. This week, she has two pet sitting jobs in addition to her barn chores at home. She complains that her rear hurts from sitting so much while I fantasize about ways to painlessly break my ankle so that I can put my feet up.

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FatcatPaulanne said...

If you figure out a way for a mom to get a break (pun intended) let me know!


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